While many stylists-turned-salon owners do OK running their own shops, their salons could be doing much better if they took the time to really invest in the mechanics of the business.

This is what Amy, salon owner in Queens, NY did to increase her salon revenue by 17%. She realized that her existing clients can provide the most bang for her valuable marketing buck. She already convinced them to come in her door. Therefore, she should take full advantage of this captive audience. 


She created custom nail files and gave one away to her top customers so she could remain at her clients fingertips in the days and weeks between appointments.  What can be better way to remind them to come back to her salon more often?  And they did, in some cases twice as much!  She also figured out if her people gave this gift to her clients before they pay they tended to leave higher tips. Not to mention all the free advertising she gets every time one of her customer uses one of her beautifully designed custom nail files in public and their friends check it out.

Not bad for an investment of less than $1 and 5 minutes of design time that consisted of point, click and ‘fill in the blank’. 

In order for your salon to succeed, you constantly need to look for ways to maximize but customer delight and reminder messaging.

A Custom Nail File with your Salons name, number, address, email, and URL is the perfect solution. 

Come create your own personalized, custom, branded, full color, printed nail file in minutes. You won’t believe how quick and easy it is.  

You'll find our prices great but let's make your first order even better.