Custom Nail Files is the perfect solution for any company looking for single brand control and distribution to a large individualized base. Are you?

  1. A direct sales company and would like to set up a private branded site for your reps to create Custom Nail Files?
  2. A franchise, would like to control brand, and think files are a great premium items in your 100's of storefronts?
  3. A corporation with a unqiue program in the works or in need of a large order of Custom Nail Files?

Contact with the form at the right. We have the expertise to work with you and create a Win-Win Relationship.

Our Corporate Program Highlights

  • Private System with unique URL? Yes!
  • Dedicated account manager with marketing and tech experience? Yes!
  • API integration into existing system? Yes!
  • Corporate brand stakeholders happy? Yes!
  • Reps and outlets happy? Yes!
  • Cost for thousands upon thousands of real life brand impressions? FREE

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